We are ?

SIMAP is an existing limited company on the Tunisian market since 1973, registered under No. B138461997, its customs code is 220233 S and its MF: 004094 R/A/M/000.

SIMAP is a multidisciplinary company, which has become a subsidiary of the JERBI Group since June 2013, specializing in Aluminum joinery and its special derivatives such as the extrusion of PVC blades, the manufacture of shutters and monobloc shutters.

Its activities are not limited only to aluminum carpentry, in addition, SIMAP has been the plastic industry leader for over 40 years.

Our skills

Thanks to its long existence on the market, SIMAP is considered among the leaders in the local market in terms of design, manufacture and implementation of a wide range of aluminum throughout the Tunisian territory.

Our roller shutter ensures the insulation of your home, thanks to our wide range of blades which, among its best qualities: ease of maintenance, opacity, better privacy and a high protection against possible break-ins.

Thanks to the hard work of our technical team, our company guarantees that all our different products in aluminum joinery meet the following requirements :

  1. Insulation : ensured by the best choice of profiles and glazings that must be essentially rigid and insulating at the same time
  2. Aesthetics : our wide range adapts to the customer's choice in terms of colors and measurements.
  3. Durability : Resistant over time, our aluminum products are insensitive to climatic aggressions. Thanks to certified surface treatments, they retain their performance and aesthetics throughout their lifetime.
    In nine as in renovation, the wide aluminum range combines exceptional technical performance with a great freedom of shapes and styles.

Our custom or standard monobloc is intended to equip existing windows as well as for new constructions while respecting the architectural aspect.

Qualified easy installation, without degradation, and maximum comfort, our two types of monoblocs, manual or motorized, adapt to any type of facade or construction.

Our strength

Our strength lies in the flexibility of production and the infinite range of joinery that we can design both for public and private projects, as well as for new constructions or renovation works. Our operating principle requires a high degree of service and quality.

Also, by recruiting well qualified workers in their fields, our company guarantees a better finish.

Our strength

Our goals

Despite its creation since 1973, SIMAP has constantly invested in research and innovation in its field to stay abreast of new technologies and all these efforts are dedicated to being beyond expectations and needs of our customers

Thanks to its 4500m² production site located at De Gabes km3.5 Sfax Tunisia road, SIMAP is no longer just a production plant, it is also your partner who will find the ideal solutions adapted to your demands and requirements.

With a perfect mastery of aluminum for more than 10 years, SIMAP guarantees quality products for different types of construction sites.

Thanks to the acquisition of the first extruder in Tunisia since 1973, SIMAP was, is and will always be the No. 1 manufacturer of roller shutter blades.